TDS: The package builder failed. Please see build output log for more details

In our Sitecore team, we use Team Development for Sitecore (TDS) by Hedgehog Development to sync out Sitecore items to/from a TDS project/Sitecore dev site. It’s a pretty useful addon, but it has some weaknesses. One problem encountered with using it is a package build failure. When we build our QA or Authoring packages, sometimes TDS will fail to build the package with the error:

“The package builder failed. Please see build output log for more details.”

Once I had gotten this error repeatedly, I contacted the TDS support team. At first they just suggested to clean and rebuild the solution, which worked occasionally, but was definitely not a real fix for the problem. So I followed up and they gave some helpful advice.

First, TDS packages can be huge, especially if you opt to include both code and Sitecore items in the packages. This can be done by going to TDS.Master properties -> Update Package tab -> Package Generation Options and select "Generate separate code and item packages". We never deploy Sitecore items via packages (we use Razl, another Hedgehog product) so we opted out of that early on to decrease the package size. That reduced our sizes to around 150-165K on average.

Next, TDS suggested that we disable concurrent project builds. We were able to do so by navigating to Tools -> Options -> Projects and Solutions -> Build and Run in VS and changing the "maximum number of parallel project builds" to 1. Make sure to save the solution and restart VS before attempting to build a package again.

Finally, we decided to lower the package size in other ways. We opened our Configuration Manager and unchecked Build on some projects that did not need to be built every time. For example, I believe there 3 or 4 projects that we did not need to build for QA packages, so we unchecked those, closed the window and committed the solution change.

Since we’ve made these changes and merged them to the branches and trunks that need them, we haven’t seen this error crop up much at all. I hope this helps other TDS users.

3 thoughts on “TDS: The package builder failed. Please see build output log for more details

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  2. It’s great you’ve shared your experience with this error. i keep having this when I submit my work to CI for build and deploy, but cannot reproduce it on my local environment (solution build and publishes with no errors what so ever) it only breaks in the build (VSTS) do you think these changes would have a bearing on that too/? Thanks


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