The coveo-facet-empty class

Recently I struggled through the creation of a custom component in Coveo Hive. My goal was to create a custom facet with two fields, start and end date, and get results to filter based on selections in those dropdowns, include breadcrumbs, etc. One issue that I ran into time and time again was my facet not appearing in the facets section. At first I thought the markup simply wasn’t generated, until I inspected the DOM and found it was there, but hidden.

 id="_..." class="CoveoFacet coveo-facet-empty"

I could immediately tell it was empty due to the existence of the coveo-facet-empty class (it makes sense), but I didn’t manually add this class. It turns out Coveo adds this class to any facet, but only for certain conditions:

  • The facet is not pointing to a field where it can get data, or the field simply has no data for ANY of the search results. This was not my problem.
  • The facet’s isFacet setting is set to false. Okay, so this one actually got me once – for some reason, my facet had the setting equal to false. It needed to be true, so I set it to true in the Cloud Platform -> Fields page, and the facet showed up. Later that week though, the facet disappeared again – so keep reading.
  • There is a syntactical error in the Javascript of your custom component. This happened to me several times. The console should explain what the issue is. Usually I was missing a curly bracket or something minute like that.

Hope this helps anyone having the same issue.


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