It’s 2019 and We Still Can’t Have HTML in WordPress Posts

Rant time.

I’ve been using WordPress for a few years now and overall, I love it… but there’s one thing that always annoys me. Any time you try to put HTML into a code block, it is erased from the post. The only way I know to get around this, is to upload a screenshot of the HTML. Literally, I don’t know of any other way (and if there is another way I am not seeing, PLEASE leave a comment).

I’ve googled it tons of times. Never found a solution that works. Usually requires WordPress plugins which I don’t think I can use with a simple free blog (again, if I’m wrong here, please leave a comment letting me know).

I don’t get why, with the main out-of-the-box experience, WordPress didn’t think of including HTML support in its code blocks.  HTML isn’t a new concept, people… and, even years after its launch, WordPress STILL doesn’t do anything for you about HTML!

It’s 2019 people.

I KNOW we have the technology.


How to Bundle an iOS Sticker Pack with a Xamarin Forms Application

I had a client request to include an iOS Sticker Pack, or iMessage extension, with a Xamarin Forms iOS application. At first it seemed impossible, but after a lot of trial and error with the Ice Cream Builder sample project, I was able to bundle the stickers in the project. Meaning, when a user installs my iOS app, the sticker pack is installed at the same time. This blog post will explain how to bundle a simple iMessage extension with your application that displays a bunch of stickers (GIF & PNG). This blog post assumes you are using Visual Studio to develop your Xamarin iOS application.

Getting Started

Bundling an iMessage app with your main Xamarin.iOS app is actually really simple. Start by adding a new iMessage extension to your solution, as you would normally do for any other type of project (right click solution -> Add… -> New Project). If you don’t see an iMessage extension, you may not have included the necessary project types when installing Visual Studio (I think it comes with the Xamarin package, but I’m not 100% sure).

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