It’s 2019 and We Still Can’t Have HTML in WordPress Posts

Rant time.

I’ve been using WordPress for a few years now and overall, I love it… but there’s one thing that always annoys me. Any time you try to put HTML into a code block, it is erased from the post. The only way I know to get around this, is to upload a screenshot of the HTML. Literally, I don’t know of any other way (and if there is another way I am not seeing, PLEASE leave a comment).

I’ve googled it tons of times. Never found a solution that works. Usually requires WordPress plugins which I don’t think I can use with a simple free blog (again, if I’m wrong here, please leave a comment letting me know).

I don’t get why, with the main out-of-the-box experience, WordPress didn’t think of including HTML support in its code blocks.  HTML isn’t a new concept, people… and, even years after its launch, WordPress STILL doesn’t do anything for you about HTML!

It’s 2019 people.

I KNOW we have the technology.


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